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  Depending on whether you’re male or female and how old you are, there are several health-related tests that are recommended to help ensure that you’re in the best physical shape possible. For instance, there are blood tests that should be conducted annually once you’re an adult to make sure your cholesterol levels are on par. Additionally, colonoscopies are suggested regularly over the age of 50 to confirm the health of your lower intestines, lowering your risk of cancer in that area of your body. Well, there is one other test that you should have and it is a food...

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  There are a number of benefits to limiting the amount of chemicals, preservatives, and other unnatural substances in the foods you eat by choosing organic options, such as lower toxicity levels, fewer hormone-related issues, and even better taste. So which foods are best when you select organic versus nonorganic? Here are some to consider, as well as some tasty ways to enjoy eating them more: Chicken. Chemicals found in poultry have been linked to cancer (breast cancer specifically), which is one good reason to choose organic instead. Chop it up and put it on a bed of greens for...

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