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  Poor nutrition is one of the causes of depression. Having a healthy and balanced diet is the key to a healthy body and mind. Included in that balanced diet are vitamins and minerals that come from fruits and vegetables. Many of us today skip out on fruits and vegetables for greasy cheeseburgers, carbonated drinks, and quick, processed snacks. Vitamins and Minerals are an important part of our balanced diet and must not be ignored.   Omega 3s fatty acid Remember I’d mentioned above, how junk food with grease and fats are a major no-no for the health of your...

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From trying out various home remedies to expensive consultations with skin specialists, things may have or may not have worked out for you. You may hard not realised, but the solution to more than half of your skin problems is right there in your kitchen cupboard; apple cider vinegar. The uses and benefits of apple cider vinegar are countless, and most importantly, it is a hassle-free cost-efficient remedy. With a number of nutrients including potassium, vitamins C, A, and b6, ACV is all you need for your skin problems. So what exactly can ACV do for your skin? Acne ACV...

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  Because protein is an essential nutrient when you’re working out, many people rely on protein-filled shakes to help them get the amount they need. The one problem with this is that many are loaded with sugar, the one substance that can not only increase your waistline, but also harm your health. Before you swear off protein shakes for good due though, there are some sugar free protein shake options. Here are five that you may want to consider: Isopure Zero or Low Carb – These two types of protein powder have absolutely no sugar, but they do contain an...

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  In the 30 to 60 minutes after completing your workout, your body is extremely responsive to the foods you give it. And because you’ve used a lot of your energy stores, it is looking for ways to replace them, making this a perfect time to fuel your muscles with the nutrients they need to heal and grow. On-the-Go Post-Workout Food Options If you don’t have a lot of time after you work out, you do have some on-the-go food options that are still good for you. For instance, Greek yoghurt is a great post-workout food because it is higher...

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  If you follow the health and wellness field at all, then you likely already know that spirulina, also known as blue-green algae, is very good for you. It is used to help your body meet its nutritional requirements in regard to protein, vitamin B, magnesium, and iron, while also removing the substances it doesn’t need as it is known for its detoxifying qualities. Additionally, it has been suggested that spirulina has the ability to speed up weight loss, ease stress and fatigue, and boost the function of your immune system. So, how can you get more of this one...

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