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Low Carb Fat Burning ↠

Posted by Rene Harwood on

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Having a low-carb diet is great for speedy weight loss, it also has the added benefit of reducing heart disease and regulating your appetite.


It’s ideal to use a low carb when eating throughout the week, a low carb diet is the foundation of TNT (Targeted Nutrition Tactics), limiting carbohydrates helps keep your glycogen and insulin levels low, when these are low you...

Yoga good for body blood circulation ↠

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The secret with yoga is that it can help you look younger, exercises are designed to open the vessels and transport oxygen and energy around the body. Those who know how to breathe fully feed their body with vital oxygen and prana meaning energy available everywhere and in everything.

Improving flexibility, strength and circulation with yoga is very effective, it should be incorporated into...

Why you should drink more apple juice ↠

Posted by Paul Harwood on

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Recent research at the University of Kaiserslautern, looked into the benefits we gain from consuming apple juice.

The research found that with in the apple juice high traces of poly-phenol and pectin were found, these acids will help neutralise and clean your gut. Helping the breakdown of nutrients and  with an added benefit it  reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Fresh apples are a good source of...