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  Easily digestible foods can play a huge role in improving your digestive health. You should include such foods in your diet that are rich in nutrients but are easy to break down. If you’ve been wondering about the type of food you should opt for, here are 10 such foods that are easy to digest and promote a healthier lifestyle.  Fruits A majority of fruits don’t overwork your digestive system such as nectarines, cranberries, peaches, apricots, avocados, mangos, bananas, and melon. These also contain a lot of water and thus they help to keep you hydrated. Moreover, these fruits...

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  Are you ‘skinny fat’ too? Have you ever heard of the term skinny fat? It kind of sounds weird. How can a person be skinny and fat at the same time? However, unfortunately for a lot of people out there, skinny fat people do exist and most of them don’t even know about their condition. So, what does this term mean? Well, ‘skinny fat’ is used to refer to those people who have a high percentage of body fat yet have comparatively low levels of lean mass. Despite having quite a lot of body fat you still tend to...

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