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  Zinc is regarded as an essential element for the normal growth of humans as it plays a key role during physiological development. Furthermore, it is needed by the body's immune system to work properly and keep you safe from a number of diseases. For those of you who might be wondering, here are some health benefits of zinc: Zinc plays a vital role in weight loss. A number of studies have shown the connection between intake of zinc and a decrease in appetite, which helps prevent overeating and gaining extra weight. Such an effect possible because zinc controls the...

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  When most people think about blood sugar issues, they think about diabetes. And it’s true. People with diabetes have a more difficult time controlling their blood sugar than people who don’t this particular condition. However, even if you’ve never received this medical diagnosis, you should still be concerned with your blood sugar levels as they are very important to dietary control. Blood Sugar and Cravings Have you ever went a few hours without eating, only to find yourself craving chips, cookies, or fried foods in larger than normal amounts? This is because, after going so long without food, your...

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  Most people realize that eating a lot of sweets is going to make them gain a little (or a lot of) weight. However, they typically attribute the rise in the scale to the fat that these types of food contain. Certainly, the fat in most cookies, ice creams, and other desserts is usually an unhealthy kind, which doesn’t help. But sugar is often the bigger part of the problem—for a number of reasons. First, the more sugar you eat, the higher the likelihood that you’ll become insulin resistant. Insulin is the substance that helps stabilize your body’s blood sugar,...

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    The human body is amazing when it comes to the not only what it can do on the outside, such as lifting heavy things or engaging in high intensity exercise, but it is also pretty impressive when it comes to what it does on the inside. For example, one of the things it does is create bile, a fluid that helps your body break down the fats and fat-soluble vitamins you eat, allowing them to be transported to your cells via your digestive tract. But where exactly does this helpful fluid come from? Initially, bile is created within...

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  Although copper is probably most well-known for its use in various pipes and wires, assisting with the function of modern day electronics like televisions, computer monitors, and circuit boards, it’s also a nutrient that offers many health benefits to the human body. Here are a few of the best ones to consider: Lower risk of cancer. Because copper is an antioxidant, it may help lower your risk of developing different types of cancer. Better immune system function. Several studies have connected copper with better immune system function, which means fewer illnesses and a speedier recovery. Greater heart health. Get...

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