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  Some people find that they start to feel hungry at a certain time every weekday afternoon. They may even go up to five hours without eating anything, which causes their energy levels to drop significantly. Then they will reach for snacks that are high in fat and sugar. Read on to find a list of snacks which are low in both saturated fat and sugar, and will boost your energy levels:   Peanut butter This may be full of calories but its fibre, fats and protein provide give you more energy, prevent hunger and stabilize your sugar levels. Opt...

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  During pregnancy, mothers-to-be must keep to a healthy and balanced diet which will provide both them and their baby with important nutrients. However, the baby will take everything it needs from the mother, which could make her feel run down. It is highly recommended pregnant mothers take supplements to maintain their health and that of their baby’s. Read on to find the best supplements:   Folic acid This is one of the most vital supplements. It’s recommended that mothers-to-be take 400 micrograms every day until they are three months pregnant. Even taking folic acid tablets before you get pregnant...

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  Many of us always have this unanswered question in our mind that what should we eat before and after a workout. We want to know about the kinds of food that can help in burning calories or the ones that will help us bulk up. Due to not having an answer, a lot of people refuse to eat properly. Some of them don’t eat before or after a workout. Your body needs energy to exercise. And not eating properly will have negative effects on your mental and physical being. Experts suggest that there some foods that you can eat...

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