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    Modern life can be very busy and make us feel stressed. This is usually caused by triggers such as pressures at work, relationships or family. Some people thrive on a hectic lifestyle and cope well with their stresses, but others feel like they’re losing control and become more tense. Symptoms of stress include sickness, insomnia, headaches and drinking and smoking more. Here are some tips on how to combat stress and take back control:   Take Deep Breaths Trying breathing techniques will help you feel more relaxed. Sit down in a comfortable position, put one hand on your...

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  What is protein powder? Protein powder is something that everyone needs to use after they’ve worked out. Proteins are extremely important nutrients for the body. Your body needs them in order for new cells to grow and the old ones to repair themselves. And while you are growing up, and hitting the gym, trying to get those six-pack abs requires protein to be present in your body. Due to the fact that your body requires some high-quality protein, protein powder happens to be the easiest and the most convenient source. Now, the most common way of consuming this protein...

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  Are you ‘skinny fat’ too? Have you ever heard of the term skinny fat? It kind of sounds weird. How can a person be skinny and fat at the same time? However, unfortunately for a lot of people out there, skinny fat people do exist and most of them don’t even know about their condition. So, what does this term mean? Well, ‘skinny fat’ is used to refer to those people who have a high percentage of body fat yet have comparatively low levels of lean mass. Despite having quite a lot of body fat you still tend to...

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  Most people realize that eating a lot of sweets is going to make them gain a little (or a lot of) weight. However, they typically attribute the rise in the scale to the fat that these types of food contain. Certainly, the fat in most cookies, ice creams, and other desserts is usually an unhealthy kind, which doesn’t help. But sugar is often the bigger part of the problem—for a number of reasons. First, the more sugar you eat, the higher the likelihood that you’ll become insulin resistant. Insulin is the substance that helps stabilize your body’s blood sugar,...

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  Depending on whether you’re male or female and how old you are, there are several health-related tests that are recommended to help ensure that you’re in the best physical shape possible. For instance, there are blood tests that should be conducted annually once you’re an adult to make sure your cholesterol levels are on par. Additionally, colonoscopies are suggested regularly over the age of 50 to confirm the health of your lower intestines, lowering your risk of cancer in that area of your body. Well, there is one other test that you should have and it is a food...

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