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Veganism is defined as a diet that excludes all animal products. This includes all kinds of meat and fish as well as secondary animal products such as milk, cheese and eggs. Some special foods like honey are up to debate, but mostly regarded as non-vegan food. The vegan trend is very polarizing. On the one hand, adversaries tell vegans about superior proteins, essential nutrients found in meat and how the human body is designed to digest meat. After all, we come from a generation of hunters, right? Especially in the fitness world, it is considerably difficult to get around the...

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  Although copper is probably most well-known for its use in various pipes and wires, assisting with the function of modern day electronics like televisions, computer monitors, and circuit boards, it’s also a nutrient that offers many health benefits to the human body. Here are a few of the best ones to consider: Lower risk of cancer. Because copper is an antioxidant, it may help lower your risk of developing different types of cancer. Better immune system function. Several studies have connected copper with better immune system function, which means fewer illnesses and a speedier recovery. Greater heart health. Get...

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  Our bodies require a number of different vitamins and minerals in order to function at optimal levels, and one of those minerals is zinc as it can have a number of negative effects if you don’t get enough in your daily diet, causing a deficiency. What specific effects? For starters, not enough zinc in your diet can lower your immunity. This places you at a higher risk of catching whatever cold or flu is being spread around, but it also means that you’re more likely to find yourself diagnosed with various health conditions as a result of your compromised...

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  According to the British Skin Foundation, roughly 8 million people in the U.K. suffer from some type of skin condition, ranging from those that are mildly bothersome to some which are absolutely deadly. One of the conditions that seems to fall somewhere in between as it can be extremely bothersome but not life-threatening is eczema. What is Eczema? Eczema, sometimes called dermatitis, is an inflammatory skin condition that results in redness, scaling, and itching of the skin. It is more common in children than adults and the exact causes of it are unclear, although there appears to be some...

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  According to the NHS, men have a 50 percent chance of having male-pattern baldness by the time they reach 50 years old. And although this particular “condition” doesn’t afflict women as often, they may still find that their hair thins as they age, especially once they go through menopause. While you can’t always stop this situation from occurring, especially when it is hereditary, there are certain foods that you can eat that may help with the health and possible regrowth of your hair. Here are a few of them: Salmon – It is salmon’s omega-3 fatty acids that help...

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