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How to prevent injury when doing cardio ↠

Posted by Robert Harwood on

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    Cardio machines can cause injury, no matter whether you use them to warm up or if you use them for an hour-long workout....

6 Common Misconceptions About Supplements ↠

Posted by Rene Harwood on

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  Supplements. Some people love them, others hate them. While everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion about supplements, the problem comes in when...

Smart goal setting ↠

Posted by Rene Harwood on

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When setting a new goal we often forget to add the specific element into our program, for example,’I want to lose weight ? ‘ how much weight would you like to lose ? and by when ? Do you mind putting all the weight back on in three months ?

One of the best ways to health check your goals when setting your program is by using the SMARTER principles.

Specific (What exercise ?)

I want to lose weight...