Sports Injury Knee Pain Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation for a sports Knee  Injury 

As with the human shoulder, a selection of injuries and surgical measures exist for the knee joint. Here we discuss three collective disorders of the knee: anterior knee pain, anterior cruciate ligament injury, and total knee arthroplasty. In addition to this, exercise considerations (indications and contraindications) after release from rehabilitation...

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What companies put into our food today

What companies put into our food today?

With big companies we have to beware, food companies are more interested in cost saving recipes.

Cost saving recipe often include substances we would never thought possible. 

With the global economic crisis still hanging above our hands companies are looking to slash prices. These price cuts come from ingredients, often chemicals can be used in the food...

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how to treat haemorrhoids piles

hemorrhoids are found to be a common suffering for today’s adults, Hemorrhoids are also known as piles and are caused by varicose veins inside the rectum.

Causes for Hemorrhoids

  • Hereditary- often hemorrhoids can be passed down the family chain, from mother, father or grandparents.
  • Age- as we grow older normally the lining of the anus becomes lose and less effective
  • Constipation – Often straining...

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Be good to yourself

            Interesting research, It’s it important  to raise serotonin levels naturally, its an epidemic that we don’t realise, How important ou...

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Low Carb Fat Burning










Having a low-carb diet is great for speedy weight loss, it also has the added benefit of reducing heart disease and regulating your appetite.


It’s ideal to use a low carb when eating throughout the week, a low carb diet is the foundation of TNT (Targeted Nutrition Tactics), limiting carbohydrates helps keep your glycogen and insulin levels low, when these are low you...

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