Tofu best re-fuel food for vegetarians


The best re-fuel food for vegetarians

Tofu is the number one protein foods for vegetarians, with more than 100% of RDA manganese tofu is rich in nutrient content. It also contains all of the amino acids, making tofu top of the vegetarian proteins for re-fueling and muscle building.

Helps with the strengthen structure of bones and is high in mineral content. Tofu contains 24g of unsaturated fats;...

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Meditations ; relaxing practise for mind & body







Dr Herbert Benson is a famous American doctor that studied the practise of body mind meditations. Dr Benson had many patients that suffered from high blood pressure, so he devised a simple method of relaxation technique targeting the brain.  He created his own relaxation method for his patients. It was created  from a mixture of eastern and western meditation methods.

Meditations –...

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The most important subject with any fitness program is motivation.

What level is your motivation? High or Low?

How do you tell if your motivation is being used in the correct way?

Here are a few simple tips to keep your motivation moving in the right direction.

Firstly, the most important rules for motivation is to get your questions right ! For example most of my clients the reason they exercise...

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