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  What is protein powder? Protein powder is something that everyone needs to use after they’ve worked out. Proteins are extremely important nutrients for the body. Your body needs them in order for new cells to grow and the old ones to repair themselves. And while you are growing up, and hitting the gym, trying to get those six-pack abs requires protein to be present in your body. Due to the fact that your body requires some high-quality protein, protein powder happens to be the easiest and the most convenient source. Now, the most common way of consuming this protein...

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  Reaching health and fitness goals is something that most of us are passionate about. That’s why it’s not uncommon to decide to lose weight, gain muscle, or improve our fitness and commit to achieving that goal by completely overhauling our lives overnight. For instance, maybe you decide to drop those extra 20 pounds so you make a list of all the things you need to change. No more fast food, only salads and lean meat. No more spending your nights on the couch; it’s going to be 60 minutes of exercise per day at least. And on and on....

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  When most people think about blood sugar issues, they think about diabetes. And it’s true. People with diabetes have a more difficult time controlling their blood sugar than people who don’t this particular condition. However, even if you’ve never received this medical diagnosis, you should still be concerned with your blood sugar levels as they are very important to dietary control. Blood Sugar and Cravings Have you ever went a few hours without eating, only to find yourself craving chips, cookies, or fried foods in larger than normal amounts? This is because, after going so long without food, your...

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    The human body is amazing when it comes to the not only what it can do on the outside, such as lifting heavy things or engaging in high intensity exercise, but it is also pretty impressive when it comes to what it does on the inside. For example, one of the things it does is create bile, a fluid that helps your body break down the fats and fat-soluble vitamins you eat, allowing them to be transported to your cells via your digestive tract. But where exactly does this helpful fluid come from? Initially, bile is created within...

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  When it comes to eating a healthy diet, consuming a lot of fruits and veggies is often the key. Loaded with a variety of vitamins and minerals, each one has something to offer when it comes to achieving higher levels of nutrition and wellness. Well, avocados (which are a fruit and not a vegetable, by the way) are certainly no exception as they provide a number of different health benefits. Here are 10 to consider: Greater heart health, primarily due to the fact that they have a positive effect on your cholesterol levels Lower blood pressure, courtesy of the...

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