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  What is protein powder? Protein powder is something that everyone needs to use after they’ve worked out. Proteins are extremely important nutrients for the body. Your body needs them in order for new cells to grow and the old ones to repair themselves. And while you are growing up, and hitting the gym, trying to get those six-pack abs requires protein to be present in your body. Due to the fact that your body requires some high-quality protein, protein powder happens to be the easiest and the most convenient source. Now, the most common way of consuming this protein...

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  People nowadays are pretty quick to jump to dieting and detox programs in an effort to lose weight, gain health, or get in better shape. And this is completely understandable as many of them offer stellar results. But the problem with both of these approaches is that, even if they do work, the results are typically short-term (and sometimes unhealthy). That’s why a better approach is to simply relearn the art of eating. Because the nation is growing in size with obesity being at its highest rate ever, we often think of eating as the enemy. We feel that...

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  Are you feeling anxious because summer is just ahead, yet you don’t have a body you’d be proud to display in a swimsuit, tank, or shorts? Does this send you searching for ways to lose fat and gain muscle…fast? If so, here are some of the most effective (and simple) tips that can help you shred for the summer: Limit your calories, but not too much. If you’re taking in more calories than you need, then it’s time to cut back. However, don’t go crazy with this and try to subsist on just a few crackers a day. Your...

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  Ever wonder if what you’re hearing about weight loss is true or not? It can happen to the best of us. Therefore, here are nine myths you’re better off not believing if your goal is to lose weight for good: You’ll lose weight each and every week as long as you do “the right things.” Sorry, but sometimes you will plateau, even if you’re consistently taking healthy actions. Weight loss is all about willpower. This is simply untrue as biology and genetics can play a part too. A calorie is a calorie is a calorie. Calories are processed differently...

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  When most people think about blood sugar issues, they think about diabetes. And it’s true. People with diabetes have a more difficult time controlling their blood sugar than people who don’t this particular condition. However, even if you’ve never received this medical diagnosis, you should still be concerned with your blood sugar levels as they are very important to dietary control. Blood Sugar and Cravings Have you ever went a few hours without eating, only to find yourself craving chips, cookies, or fried foods in larger than normal amounts? This is because, after going so long without food, your...

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