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  When it comes to foot pain, plantar fasciitis is the most common, accounting for 11-15 percent of all cases treated annually. Sometimes the pain can become intense enough to send you in search of relief and, fortunately, one treatment option exists that can ease your discomfort while potentially keeping you out of the doctor’s office. It is called physio taping. Physio taping, also commonly referred to as kinesio taping, involves using a type of specialized body tape which serves to support your muscles and improve circulation to the injured area. This particular remedy is used often by elite athletes...

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  When most people think about proper exercise, they think about getting their heart rate up to a specific level while doing cardio or engaging in resistance training using the right form to build bigger muscles safely. However, breath control is another important facet of working out as it helps improve your performance, increases your fat burn, and can even prevent dizziness. How do you control your breath for all of these positive results, especially if you are a beginner? Breathe Control During Cardio One of the common military breathing techniques involves breathing using a 3-to-2 ratio while doing cardiovascular...

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No one gets up and says, “Geez, I’d really like to have a bad day today.” However, admittedly, sometimes it happens even when you have the best of intentions when it comes to keeping a smile on your face. So, what can you do if you want to increase the likelihood that your day will be the best day it can be? Here are three simple things to consider: #1: Get Up Early It is pretty hard to have a good day when you get up late and feel rushed with everything you need to do. Therefore, setting your alarm...

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Rehabilitation for a sports Knee  Injury 

As with the human shoulder, a selection of injuries and surgical measures exist for the knee joint. Here we discuss three collective disorders of the knee: anterior knee pain, anterior cruciate ligament injury, and total knee arthroplasty. In addition to this, exercise considerations (indications and contraindications) after release from rehabilitation...

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Help to check your pulse and how to read and measure other people, A normal pulse for healthy adults ranges from 60- 80 beats per minute. The pulse rate my change and increase  with the following conditions:

  • Exercise
  • Emotions
  • Illness
  • injury

Females from the age of 12 and older tend to have a faster pulse rate than males, athletes and super fit people tend to have a low heart rate at around 40-50...

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