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  When most people think about proper exercise, they think about getting their heart rate up to a specific level while doing cardio or engaging in resistance training using the right form to build bigger muscles safely. However, breath control is another important facet of working out as it helps improve your performance, increases your fat burn, and can even prevent dizziness. How do you control your breath for all of these positive results, especially if you are a beginner? Breathe Control During Cardio One of the common military breathing techniques involves breathing using a 3-to-2 ratio while doing cardiovascular...

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Help to check your pulse and how to read and measure other people, A normal pulse for healthy adults ranges from 60- 80 beats per minute. The pulse rate my change and increase  with the following conditions:

  • Exercise
  • Emotions
  • Illness
  • injury

Females from the age of 12 and older tend to have a faster pulse rate than males, athletes and super fit people tend to have a low heart rate at around 40-50...

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