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  Whether they drink it or not, everybody is aware of the fact that green tea helps to reduce fat; in fact, it is the healthiest drink with antioxidants and different substances that are good for health. Regular intake of green tea can help you lose weight due to the following reasons: It contains bioactive substances that help reduce fat Green tea is not just flavored, hot water. It has bioactive substances that dissolve in water. These substances such as caffeine have beneficial biological effects. One cup contains 24-40 mg of caffeine which is less than coffee but is still...

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  Wondering about what to eat to stay healthy? Well, there’s a whole lot to choose from. You just need to know where to look. Fruits and berries: These are incredibly tasty and easy to add into any diet as they need little preparation and are best for health. Apples are highly rich in vitamin C, fiber, and various antioxidants. Bananas are known to be the best potassium source. They are also rich in fiber and vitamin B6. Oranges are known for a high content of vitamin C. They also contain antioxidants, fiber, and are incredibly tasty. Blueberries are a...

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Amino acids are composed of a carboxyl group (-COO) and an amine group (NH2) and a functional group is attached to them. These functional groups are specific for every amino acid, and they impart different properties to them.  Amino acids combine together to make peptide chains and proteins. They are organic compounds, and there exist 20 amino acids overall. These 20 amino acids are divided into two categories which are essential and non-essential amino acids. Among the 20 amino acids, nine of them are essential amino acids and eleven of them are non-essential amino acids.                                       Figure.1. Structure of Amino...

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