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  Foods from Mediterranean countries, such as Spain, Greece and Italy, are known to have health benefits and add years to your life. They are mainly plant- and protein-based foods, like fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, eggs and yoghurt. Here’s how to incorporate these into your diet: Start with a Mediterranean Breakfast For breakfast, try a fruit or vegetable smoothie that is full of vitamins, and also one of your five-a-day. You can also try granola, muesli or porridge. Or you can make your own oat bakes with nuts, dried fruit and wholegrain oats. Then a Light, Easy Lunch Soup is...

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Veganism is defined as a diet that excludes all animal products. This includes all kinds of meat and fish as well as secondary animal products such as milk, cheese and eggs. Some special foods like honey are up to debate, but mostly regarded as non-vegan food. The vegan trend is very polarizing. On the one hand, adversaries tell vegans about superior proteins, essential nutrients found in meat and how the human body is designed to digest meat. After all, we come from a generation of hunters, right? Especially in the fitness world, it is considerably difficult to get around the...

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  People nowadays are pretty quick to jump to dieting and detox programs in an effort to lose weight, gain health, or get in better shape. And this is completely understandable as many of them offer stellar results. But the problem with both of these approaches is that, even if they do work, the results are typically short-term (and sometimes unhealthy). That’s why a better approach is to simply relearn the art of eating. Because the nation is growing in size with obesity being at its highest rate ever, we often think of eating as the enemy. We feel that...

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  Are you feeling anxious because summer is just ahead, yet you don’t have a body you’d be proud to display in a swimsuit, tank, or shorts? Does this send you searching for ways to lose fat and gain muscle…fast? If so, here are some of the most effective (and simple) tips that can help you shred for the summer: Limit your calories, but not too much. If you’re taking in more calories than you need, then it’s time to cut back. However, don’t go crazy with this and try to subsist on just a few crackers a day. Your...

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    When your goal is to get rid of your excess weight one final time, it’s easy to be confused by all of the complex and multi-step programs and plans that exist. While a lot of them have their good points, and some have their not-so-good, the reality is that weight loss is a fairly simple process. As long as you follow the basics, that is. Basic #1: If you don’t make a lifestyle change, then the weight loss won’t stick The reason a lot of diets don’t work is because they’re intended to be short-term. However, this means...

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