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  When most people think about proper exercise, they think about getting their heart rate up to a specific level while doing cardio or engaging in resistance training using the right form to build bigger muscles safely. However, breath control is another important facet of working out as it helps improve your performance, increases your fat burn, and can even prevent dizziness. How do you control your breath for all of these positive results, especially if you are a beginner? Breathe Control During Cardio One of the common military breathing techniques involves breathing using a 3-to-2 ratio while doing cardiovascular...

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    Although hemp is best known as a drug that is either legal or illegal, depending on the geographic location, the oil extracted from this plant has very little THC—the one substance responsible for the “high” commonly associated with its consumption. What it does have though is the ability to improve your health. In fact, here are just a few benefits of using hemp oil: More beautiful skin. Wash and dry your skin and then follow up with hemp oil and you will notice that your face and body feel smoother and more supple thanks to the oil’s fatty...

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  When your back hurts, it is hard to enjoy life. Even simple actions such as sitting, standing, and walking can leave you in discomfort or pain, and physical activities that you used to enjoy, like golf with your buddies or playing catch with your children, are no longer possible. That is, until you try yoga—at least that is what research says. In a three-year study which took place in the U.K. and was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, more than 313 adults who suffered with back pain were asked to take part in a randomized control trial....

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Deep and long breathing has always been vital in life, fitness and good breathing exercises can be beneficial in so many ways. Science shows that people with fewer breaths per minute are much healthier than people whom breathe more rapid and short. Exercises like yoga, Pilates, Qigong and tai chi can help you develop strong patterns of deep healthy breathing with exercise and slow movement, this combination can be the answer for long fulfilled life. The nervous system is the body’s most important internal system; the nervous system is responsible for our movement, touch, feel, smell and taste. Blockages in...

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