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    Although curry has always been an essential dish in Eastern Asian cuisine, it has spread its way around the world and can be found in most any city and town. But not all curries are created equal so you need to be careful when deciding which ones to consume. After all, you want to be able to give your taste buds a treat without hurting your waistline.   Healthy Curries   There are no standard ingredients that make up a curry dish, but most contain meat or veggies and the spice can be any variation or amount of...

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We have put together some simple recipes for Christmas leftovers. It’s normal to cook too much for food during Christmas. We all enjoy the turkey and stuffing sandwiches ! but how many can we eat ? a weeks worth maybe ?

Often we run out of ideas of what to do with the leftovers from our food festive celebration. Why no try something different this year and give one of the recipes below a go?



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Boost energy levels with sauerkraut     Sauerkraut is a german recipe for fermented white cabbage, translated into English means 'Sour cabbage'. Sauerkraut has many benefits for our health. Firstly it's great for digestion problems as sauerkraut has a high source for good bacteria's, these bacteria's help digestion and clean our stomachs when eaten. Also less energy is used during breaking down these food nutrients, which helps reduce your energy usage . White cabbage is amazing and can help you combat many diseases.White cabbage is a great proactive nutrient provider rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and sulphur. When eaten...

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