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Although vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet, most people still struggle to get enough green veggies in their body on a regular basis. This can keep them from reaching their maximum physical potential as they are missing out on a number of the vitamins and minerals that these types of food has to offer. If you fall into this category and want to increase the greens in your diet, here are five simple ways to accomplish that goal: Put them in soup. Adding vegetables to soup is a great way to bulk it up in a manner...

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  Although most of us look at food in terms of the fat, calories, protein, or carbohydrates it contains, good health requires a much deeper approach. It means paying attention to the nutrients in the foods we eat to make sure we get all of the vitamins and minerals our body requires. The Importance of Nutrients Every function that our body is responsible for when it comes to our health and wellness (and even our survival) needs the right amount of nutrients in order to make it happen. For instance, to ensure that you have ample amounts of energy to...

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