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  As reported recently by the BBC, almost half of office-working women (45 percent) and slightly fewer men (37 percent) spend fewer than 30 minutes daily on their feet. In fact, a majority even eat their lunch without ever leaving their workspace and this type of inactivity is taking its toll on their health. Ultimately, this has led to an initiative called Get Britain Standing and one way they recommend that you achieve that goal is by building your own standing desk. Just making this one little change to the way you do your daily work can lower your risk...

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Imagine getting out of bed and having your calorie burning potential double, if not triple. Sound impossible? It’s not. At least, not as long as you get your metabolism going not long after you awake. What sort of things can you do to kick your metabolism up a notch or two? Try these three suggestions and you’ll be in your skinny jeans in no time: Metabolism Booster #1: Drink a Smoothie If you haven’t eaten since dinner, your tummy has been empty for around 12 hours by the time you wake up which means that you’re like a car out...

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Whether you’re a sports athlete yourself or just like to work your body via some healthy exercise, you’ve likely seen if not actually used kinesiology tape. It is the white or brightly colored tape that you wrap around different areas of your body to help protect your muscles, which may leave you asking yourself if it is something you should use or not. The Claims Promoters of kinesiology tape claim that it helps support your muscles and reduce their likelihood of injury. It does this by keeping the muscles, tendons and ligaments either tight or relaxed depending on how you...

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