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  If you’ve ever struggled with not having enough energy, then you already know how important B vitamins are for this exact reason. In fact, many people get monthly B complex shots in an attempt to help them get through their overloaded days without feeling as if all they want to do is sleep. Countless others take pill and powder supplements daily in an effort to combat fatigue. Well, one of the B vitamins that offers additional advantages is vitamin B7, also known as biotin. According to health experts, this B vitamin provides many benefits ranging from healthier hair and...

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      When it comes to achieving higher levels of health, there are a number of different ways to get there. This makes it easy to get overloaded and overwhelmed with all of the advice and tips that experts tend to throw your way. To make this easier, here are three of the top healthy habits you should be doing today so that you live a longer, higher quality life that extends well beyond tomorrow: Don’t slouch. When you spend your days hunched over, it can negatively affect you a number of different ways. Physically, this type of posture...

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