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Remember when you first started drinking coffee? Just one cup would leave you feeling like you had enough energy to run around the block several times without wearing you out. But now, after drinking a cup (or pot) daily over time, just the idea of physically running anywhere is likely to make you want to lie down and take a nap. This may make you wonder why your coffee is no longer effective. According to something called chronopharmacology, which is the study of drugs and how they relate to your body’s natural rhythms, your body reacts to different drugs (like...

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   You know you need to breathe to live, but did you realize that there are particular ways that you can breathe that will improve your overall health and wellness? It’s true. The manner in which you breathe can make you happier and more fit than ever before. Why how you breathe matters One way in which breathing in a structured way helps is that it can reduce your negative responses to stress. It does this by slowing your heart rate down to healthy levels and relieving your mind of worries and concerns that seem to overtake it. It gets you more...

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Increasing fitness helps your health.

The toughest concepts of fitness training and better health are unspoken of, most people tend to think to much about changing their lifestyle and don’t focus on fitness, sport and health. To increase your fitness you need to stop think and just acting. To help you eliminate negative thought patterns you need to act on them fast. The biggest and most common...

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    Health is important to us all, being healthy and taking care of your body. Everything in the World needs balance, everything has an opposite good or bad. The body is no different, balance is needed in every aspect, balance with drink, food, exercise, rest and mind. Nutritional details why being healthy eating is essential. Over and under consuming foods can be dangerous. Consuming foods Energy intake more than required - over nutrition Energy intake less than required - under nutrition Obesity - Over Nutrition  Diabetes heart disease  Cancer Annemic - under nutrition  Muscle tissue loss Skin rashes Bleeding...

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