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There are four types of diets: unhealthy diets that don’t work, unhealthy diets that do work, healthy diets that don’t work, and healthy diets that work. Of course, if you want to achieve and maintain lifelong weight loss in the safest way possible, that requires following the fourth type, a healthy diet that works. To make this process easier and more fun, it helps to find some of the best and tastiest recipes for your diet of choice. Here are a few 5-star main dishes to consider trying based on the healthy diet that you’re interested in most, courtesy of...

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  Although there are a number of diet plans available that others have created, devising your own can have very positive results since it is designed specifically for you and your particular lifestyle. Plus, it’s fairly easy too as long as you follow these five tips: Think long term. Normally people think of diets as only being temporary, but if your goal is to keep the weight off after you lose it, then you need to come up with a diet plan that you are willing to follow for the rest of your life. Give yourself room for treats. Probably...

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