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  One of the toughest things about losing weight is that it takes time. And it not only takes time, but it also takes the development of good food habits if you want to keep the weight off long term. After all, if you just go back to your old eating behaviors, you’ll also go back to your old waistline. To keep you from doing that, here are 10 good food habits you can start to implement…today: Choose natural over processed. Natural foods have more nutrients because they’ve not been processed out and fewer not-good-for-you ingredients. This makes them a...

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  With the temperatures outside steadily dropping, there’s nothing quite as soothing to the body as a warm winter drink. Not only does it feel good on your fingers to hold a piping hot mug, but it also manages to warm the rest of your body from the inside out too. So, if you’re looking for a winter warmer drink that is as beneficial to your health as it is pleasing to your taste buds, here are the three best ones to try: Dark Hot Chocolate Who doesn’t love a mug of hot chocolate in the wintertime? To make yours...

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  Most of us will stop at a fast food joint and not think twice about how doing so can impact us in the future. Sure, you may realize that it isn’t particularly the best for your health, but are you aware that it also changes your behavior—and not in a good way? Here are three ways in which your fast food habits may actually be creating actions that can hurt you long-term: #1: Fast food doesn’t give you time to think. While it is great that fast food can help you satisfy your hunger immediately, giving in to...

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  There is overwhelming pressure in our civilisation to be thin. Thin is in (as they say), and countless young girls and women, and even some boys and men, are compromising their well-being to attempt to get there. The progression of an eating disorder usually goes through the periods of dieting, disordered eating and lastly a full-blown eating disorder. Individuals may start off by dieting to lose weight and become discouraged when the weight loss does not seem quick enough or noteworthy. This frustration, even desperation, causes them to curb their diet even further. When this does not go well in...

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Try eating the perfect balanced meal.

Ratio for consumption protein to carbohydrate of 1:4.

Carbohydrates 60%
Protein 15%
Fat 19%
Sugar 5%
Salt 1%

Best consumed within 1 ½ hours of exercise, for best results as this helps replace your glycogen which is place help your muscles recover faster.

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