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  Although there are a number of diet plans available that others have created, devising your own can have very positive results since it is designed specifically for you and your particular lifestyle. Plus, it’s fairly easy too as long as you follow these five tips: Think long term. Normally people think of diets as only being temporary, but if your goal is to keep the weight off after you lose it, then you need to come up with a diet plan that you are willing to follow for the rest of your life. Give yourself room for treats. Probably...

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  For the longest time, health experts and dieticians have recommended that you eat five to six mini-meals a day in order to rev your metabolism and boost your fat burn. However, a fairly new study suggests that fasting may actually provide more benefits, suggesting that going periods of time without eating could put you closer to your weight loss goals than we once thought. But does it really work? According to research published in 2013, it does, but only if it is done correctly. What Research Says A group of researchers from the University of Manchester conducted a study...

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    In this day and age of always being on the go, it can be easy to run to your favorite fast food restaurant and pick up something quick, even though you know it isn’t the best for you. However, cooking for yourself doesn’t have to be a long, tedious process. In fact, here are some foods you can easily make at home that are rather healthy for you too: Soup. Nothing fills you up (especially on a cold winter day) like a piping hot cup or bowl of soup. Broth-based soups are better for you than cream options,...

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