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  Want to eat clean but are on a budget? Or do you want to limit the amount you spend on food and purchase other things instead? This is the article for you! Below are 8 food items to eat that are healthy, while spending less: FRUITS & VEGETABLES: A range of foods exists that is not only super delicious and healthy but also costs very less compared to other processed food items. Vegetables and fruits top the list as they are filling and are cheap compared to other processed products available. The health benefits are many and having a...

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  Dietitians suggest about 500 to 1500 calories diet per day depending on how much weight you want to lose. But a low-calorie diet doesn't mean that it has to be low in flavor or taste. If you want to attain a smart and good looking body shape, then try to limit your daily calories while also eating healthy. In general, you must only consume the number of calories that you can easily burn on a daily basis. Here are some tasty low-calorie recipes for you to try.   Spicy Pork and Soba Noodles This delicious recipe has only 360...

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