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A healthy diet is a key to a perfectly healthy life. It is very important to maintain a well-balanced diet to enjoy every moment of your life. The well-balanced diet is also the key to heal or sometimes to avoid different diseases. Introduction to a well-balanced diet: To maintain good eating, it is important to know what basically a healthy diet is. The healthy diet is an intake of different important nutrients and vitamins. This healthy intake should include all the basic ingredients. The minerals can play a vital role in your body to perform better. People who do not...

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We’ve all heard many times now that health is wealth. A person won’t be able to perform to his or her optimum levels if their insides aren’t healthy. Living a healthy life is a fusion of several factors. All it takes is a bit of consciousness to be in good shape. Cholesterol is one factor that adds to the lethargic condition of a person. It is a necessary evil; meaning that although it is vital for several bodily functions, yet an excess of it is hazardous. Some easy to follow measures, if taken, can help reduce cholesterol levels, keeping it...

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  Dietitians suggest about 500 to 1500 calories diet per day depending on how much weight you want to lose. But a low-calorie diet doesn't mean that it has to be low in flavor or taste. If you want to attain a smart and good looking body shape, then try to limit your daily calories while also eating healthy. In general, you must only consume the number of calories that you can easily burn on a daily basis. Here are some tasty low-calorie recipes for you to try.   Spicy Pork and Soba Noodles This delicious recipe has only 360...

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