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  For the longest time, health experts and dieticians have recommended that you eat five to six mini-meals a day in order to rev your metabolism and boost your fat burn. However, a fairly new study suggests that fasting may actually provide more benefits, suggesting that going periods of time without eating could put you closer to your weight loss goals than we once thought. But does it really work? According to research published in 2013, it does, but only if it is done correctly. What Research Says A group of researchers from the University of Manchester conducted a study...

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Eating According to Your Blood Type                 When we talk about diet, we often associate it with choosing the right kinds and amount of food, preferably fruits and vegetables which are rich in fiber and other nutrients that are mainly needed by the body. Along with the proper selection of food is a daily exercise necessary to burn all the foods that you have consumed as well as to stretch those body parts. A new type of diet which might not ring a bell to everybody is known as “Blood Type Diet”. This might somehow be new to our ears,...

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