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  When your schedule is packed, you want to make your gym time count. Well, what if you were able to double your normal results and get to your goals in half the time? Well, that is absolutely possible if you follow just a few simple workout guidelines. They are: Vary your intensity. If you are exercising at the same level of exertion each and every time you work out, you’re likely not experiencing the best results. To burn more calories and experience greater fat loss and muscle gain, you’ll want to vary your intensity several times during your workout...

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The Toning Shoe

Two years ago was the birth of the fitness toning shoe. A new fitness revolution started with the new style fitness shoes that would force more range of motion with each step made. The shoes were first launched by American shoe giant Stretchers,  since then we have seen a large number of different brands launch they’re version of toning fitness shoes.

How do they work ?


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