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  In reality, there are a number of things you can do to lose fat and ultimately lower the number on the scale. However, some actions provide faster and better results than others, which means that you’ll also get where you want to be in regard to body size and shape in less time and with fewer frustrations by sticking to them and letting the other, not-so-worthy fat loss options go. With that thought in mind, here are the five best ways to lose your excess fat quicker and more effectively: Fill your diet with natural foods. Stay away from...

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  For the longest time, health experts and dieticians have recommended that you eat five to six mini-meals a day in order to rev your metabolism and boost your fat burn. However, a fairly new study suggests that fasting may actually provide more benefits, suggesting that going periods of time without eating could put you closer to your weight loss goals than we once thought. But does it really work? According to research published in 2013, it does, but only if it is done correctly. What Research Says A group of researchers from the University of Manchester conducted a study...

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Low fluid water intake throughout the week is normal. On average we need 2.5 litres of fluid per day making sure that we stay hydrated. We can often find there will be a big margins between recommended daily intake of fluid and actual fluid intake. 

Caffeinated (diuretic) drinks can often leave you dehydrated, often people drink more cola, soft drinks, coffee and tea drinks rather than pure...

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Try eating the perfect balanced meal.

Ratio for consumption protein to carbohydrate of 1:4.

Carbohydrates 60%
Protein 15%
Fat 19%
Sugar 5%
Salt 1%

Best consumed within 1 ½ hours of exercise, for best results as this helps replace your glycogen which is place help your muscles recover faster.

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