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  In reality, there are a number of things you can do to lose fat and ultimately lower the number on the scale. However, some actions provide faster and better results than others, which means that you’ll also get where you want to be in regard to body size and shape in less time and with fewer frustrations by sticking to them and letting the other, not-so-worthy fat loss options go. With that thought in mind, here are the five best ways to lose your excess fat quicker and more effectively: Fill your diet with natural foods. Stay away from...

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  Although there are a number of diet plans available that others have created, devising your own can have very positive results since it is designed specifically for you and your particular lifestyle. Plus, it’s fairly easy too as long as you follow these five tips: Think long term. Normally people think of diets as only being temporary, but if your goal is to keep the weight off after you lose it, then you need to come up with a diet plan that you are willing to follow for the rest of your life. Give yourself room for treats. Probably...

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  There are many appliances you can buy to make your kitchen time more enjoyable and, oftentimes, faster and easier. Well, a blender is one of them and here are 10 reasons to purchase one if you are currently without this particular gadget: To make healthy homemade sauces. Instead of buying canned or jarred sauces from the grocery store, why not make your own so you can make them healthier, using only all-natural ingredients? To make healthier salad dressings. Speaking of healthy, most salad dressings that you buy at the store are loaded with fat and calories, but blend your...

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  Here is a question for you: If you want to lose weight, you should eat low fat foods, right? Although most people would answer a resounding “YES!,” the real answer is actually no. In fact, let’s take that one step further by saying low fat foods should be absolutely avoided. Let me explain. For years we have thought that it was the fat in foods that was hurting our waistlines and making us unhealthier than ever. However, if that were true, the increased consumption of low fat foods should be making our waistlines smaller and our health stronger. Unfortunately,...

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Try eating the perfect balanced meal.

Ratio for consumption protein to carbohydrate of 1:4.

Carbohydrates 60%
Protein 15%
Fat 19%
Sugar 5%
Salt 1%

Best consumed within 1 ½ hours of exercise, for best results as this helps replace your glycogen which is place help your muscles recover faster.

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