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  When most people want to lose weight, the first thing they do is go on a diet. While that may seem to make the most sense, here are 20 solid reasons why you shouldn’t take this route, especially if your goal is weight loss: It slows your metabolism, making it even harder to lose weight. The feelings of deprivation increase your cravings. It doesn’t prepare you for when you “go off” the diet. You become absolutely obsessed with food. Even if the diet does work, it’s a short-term fix. Most people who diet gain the weight back…and then some....

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  The thyroid gland is important for many reasons. For instance, it helps your body effectively use energy so you’re not tired all the time, it keeps your brain and other organs functioning at optimal levels, and it even helps regulate your body temperature. That’s why doctors sometimes test its function if there is the potential for problems in any of these areas. Fortunately, determining whether your thyroid is overactive (hyperthyroidism), underactive (hypothyroidism), or working just fine can be done with a simple blood test to determine your various thyroid hormone levels. The specific hormones assessed in these tests are...

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Not only does fat around the waistline tend to bother people the most when it comes to looking better physically, but it is also the worst place possible to carry your extra weight health-wise. Why? Because fat that accumulates around your midsection threatens the function of your vital organs, making getting rid of it important to your health and wellness. Here are three tips to help you do just that: Tip #1: Engage In Interval Training The great thing about interval training is that it revs up your metabolism both during your exercise session and for a good amount of...

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Now that we’re a couple weeks past New Year’s Eve, you may be struggling with your resolution to lose weight. Certainly, you still want to reach your goal, but your mind doesn’t seem to be complying. All you can seem to think about is all of the foods you can’t or shouldn’t eat, making the whole losing weight process seem almost impossible. How do you get your head back into the weight loss game—just like it was prior to the start of the new year? Let Go of Perfection First, if you’re striving for a perfect meal plan with perfect...

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Try eating the perfect balanced meal.

Ratio for consumption protein to carbohydrate of 1:4.

Carbohydrates 60%
Protein 15%
Fat 19%
Sugar 5%
Salt 1%

Best consumed within 1 ½ hours of exercise, for best results as this helps replace your glycogen which is place help your muscles recover faster.

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