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There are a number of different health benefits to eating yoghurt. Not only is it a low in fat, low in carbs, and high in protein, but it also contains probiotics, the active ingredients that boost your immune system and keep your digestive tract healthy. While a number of people just eat their yoghurt straight out of the container, it actually works well in a number of different recipes. Therefore, if you’re looking for ways to incorporate this super-healthy food in your diet more often (and with more variety), here are the best five recipes that all contain yoghurt: Chicken...

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  There are many appliances you can buy to make your kitchen time more enjoyable and, oftentimes, faster and easier. Well, a blender is one of them and here are 10 reasons to purchase one if you are currently without this particular gadget: To make healthy homemade sauces. Instead of buying canned or jarred sauces from the grocery store, why not make your own so you can make them healthier, using only all-natural ingredients? To make healthier salad dressings. Speaking of healthy, most salad dressings that you buy at the store are loaded with fat and calories, but blend your...

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  For the longest time, health experts and dieticians have recommended that you eat five to six mini-meals a day in order to rev your metabolism and boost your fat burn. However, a fairly new study suggests that fasting may actually provide more benefits, suggesting that going periods of time without eating could put you closer to your weight loss goals than we once thought. But does it really work? According to research published in 2013, it does, but only if it is done correctly. What Research Says A group of researchers from the University of Manchester conducted a study...

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