The 2 main reasons for taking Omega 3 Fish oil

The 2 main reasons for taking Omega 3 Fish oil - Fitness Health

Fish Oil:

A form of fatty acid, obtained from the tissues of fish (oily), is known as Fish Oil.

Sources of Fish Oil:

 The best sources for obtaining Fish Oil is from cold water, fatty fish. We can either get Fish Oil from consuming the fish itself, or we can get it by taking a fish oil supplement. Some of the fish that contain omega-3s are salmon, herring, white fish and few more.


Two extremely important omega-3 PUFAs are the part of the fish oil. It contains docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) which are also known as marine omega-3. Fish oil includes omega 3 fats. Human bodies make most of the fats that they need but cannot produce omega-3 fatty acids.

Two Main Reasons for taking Omega-3s:

There are several benefits of taking Omega-3 oil such as skin benefits, an increase of bone health in women, benefits regarding heart diseases, improving the symptoms of mental disorders, etc.

Two of them are looked at in detail as follows:

1. The benefit of Omega-3 oil- Heart Health:

The main cause of death all over the world is Heart disease. According to many pieces of research and studies, people who consume lots of amounts of fish have lower rates of getting heart disease. There are many factors which make a person suffer from heart disease. These factors seem to be lessened by consuming fish or fish oil supplements. The advantages of taking fish oil in the light of heart disease are as follows:

Effect of Omega-3 on Cholesterol levels:

Omega-3 boosts the level of HDL which is also known as the good cholesterol. It doesn’t reduce the levels of LDL which is also known as bad cholesterol.

      • Triglycerides:

The number of triglycerides can be lowered by about 15–30%.

      • Blood pressure:

Omega-3 helps to lower the blood pressure in the patients suffering from high blood pressure; this is very beneficial for them.

      • Plaques:

Omega-3 oil stops the plaques that form inside the blood carrying arteries. Plaque causes the arteries to harden which is not good for the human body. Omega-3 not only stops the plaque from being formed but it in the people who already have a plaque in their arteries, it creates a sort of protection and makes the plaque safer and stable.

      • Fatal arrhythmias:

Abnormal heart rhythms are known as arrhythmias. Arrhythmias can cause fatal heart attacks in some cases. People who are at risk of having fatal arrhythmias, use of Omega-3 reduces the rate of these events.

However, it is to be stated that while the consumption of Omega-3 supplements can reduce many of the risk factors which cause heart disease, but there is no evidence that clearly supports the fact that omega-3 can prevent heart attacks. It definitely lessens the chances of a heart attack by reducing the factors which cause a heart attack.

2. The benefit of Omega-3 – Mental Disorders:

Fat comprises almost 60% of the human brain. Most of this fat is omega-3 fatty acids. This makes omega-3s very essential and important for the normal function of the human brain is made up of nearly 60% fat, and much of this fat is omega-3 fatty acids.

According to some studies, it has come to light that people suffering from certain mental disorders have a lower level of omega-3s in their blood.

These studies and researchers have shown that taking supplements of fish oil can prevent the onset of mental disorders. Some studies have indicated that they can improve the symptoms of these mental disorders. Taking omega-3 supplements can reduce the contingency of psychotic and mental disorders in those who are at risk of having them.

Additionally, taking supplements of fish oil, i.e., Omega-3, can lessen the symptoms of mental diseases such as schizophrenia and Bipolar Mental Disorder.

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