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  Most of us are more than familiar with the term antibiotic as it is a medication we are often prescribed when we have an infection or bacteria that has negatively affected our health. But probiotics are fairly new in the health and wellness field, which may make you wonder what exactly they are and how they can help you feel your best. What Are Probiotics? Probiotics are supplements or foods that contain bacteria or some other microorganism that is thought to be beneficial to your health. This may sound backwards to you, but your body actually needs some bacteria...

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      If you’re trying to lose weight and get healthy, it is likely that you’re either eliminating or severely limiting sugar from your diet. However, what you may not realize is how truly dangerous this substance is for your body. In fact, here are four reasons why you should monitor your sugar intake, above and beyond weight loss: Reason #1: It is Addictive Have even just a little bit of sugar, and you’re going to want more because it is highly addictive. That is partially why it is so easy to binge on it. Your body craves more...

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