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Cocoa powder is extracted from cocoa beans and is considered as one of the healthiest super foods. Although chocolate is made from cocoa, it is not regarded as a healthy food due to its high content of sugar, but cocoa itself is rich in many beneficial compounds and is considered highly nutritious. It contains various healthy compounds such as fibre, iron, and magnesium needed by the body. It has many health benefits that are as follows: It is beneficial for the health of your heart Cocoa contains polyphenols that help to reduce blood pressure and is also good for the...

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  If you listen to the dietary advice being handed out by many health professionals, you may believe that red meat is something that you should remove from your shopping list, never to enjoy it again. However, this way of thinking may be hazardous to your health. Here are three benefits of choosing red meat over other meats: It is good for your heart. One study involving 36 people who ate a healthy diet which included 4-6 ounces of lean beef daily found that this type of eating contributed to the subjects lowering their bad cholesterol levels by 10%. Researchers...

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      Leeks    A Study was conducted by Cancer Institute Canada. They found that leeks provide an amazing source vitamins B6 and C, folic acid and iron. try placing leeks into more foods eat,for example you can do this by replacing leek instead of onion.   Recipe idea for leek ; leek and potato soup is a great winter warmer easy to prepare and great tasting. 3 leeks, 2 peeled potatoes, 600ml vegetable stock. boil together for 30 minutes then blend.  Beetroot Is the source of vitamin B-12, contains high traces of Iron and is great for cleansing the liver.  Recipe...

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    One of the easiest to save your money is to learn about  making your our energy drinks. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve with a little motivation. Just think, how much do you spend per day on energy drinks ? maybe  £2.00 or more a day on a normal isotonic sports drink. How much money do spend a year? if you have spent £2 per day on energy drinks the total works out to be a staggering  £728 per year on a daily isotonic energy drink. You can cut your costs by learning how to make your...

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You may think fruit or vegetables five-a-day guarantees your daily vitamin intake.

The trick is to prepare with care as many vitamins can be lost during preparation. Boiling can effect the vegetable nutrients, over cooking will dissolve the goodness. Vitamin C from vegetables can be destroyed by light, air and any heat above seventy degrees.

Boiling is ideal only for potatoes only, sallow frying...

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