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CrossFit is the new exercise regime designed to give you fitness functional for everyday life. It is touted for its ability to help people who are regularly engaged in very physical activities (think military, police and fire personnel) to become more fit in a way that involves their entire being; however, it is also

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The ability or capability to execute physical work necessitates energy. In the human body, the transfiguration of chemical energy to mechanical energy is necessary for movement to occur. Bioenergetics, or the course of energy in a biological system, chiefly concerns the transformation of food (or large protein, carbohydrate, and fat molecules) that encompasses chemical energy, into biologically practical forms of energy. The breakdown of chemical bonds in these particlesdischarges the energy crucial to performing physical activity. The process of breaking down large molecules into smaller molecules, for instance the breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose, is usually accompanied by the discharge...

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