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Have you been feeling like less of a man or women lately? This could be caused by a zinc deficiency in your body. Zinc is an essential mineral that is a component of more than 300 enzymes needed to maintain fertility in adults. Aside from some rare diseases, there’s one main reason zinc deficiency could be harming your fertility. Basically you might just not be getting enough zinc in your diet.   So how do you tell if zinc deficiency is causing your bedroom problems? Simple, just eat more foods high in zinc. Foods that are naturally high in zinc...

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  Building muscles is certainly not a joke because it requires great determination. You need to put lots of time and effort to get the bulky mass. To build muscles, you should exercise daily and you also need to follow a strict diet. To gain muscles, your diet should be rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. You should always take a low fat and a low calorie diet in order to gain strong and healthy muscles. Let us check some of the best food for muscle. Quinoa Quinoa is free from gluten. It is rich in protein and fiber. It...

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