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  Berries are one of best food nutrients we can choose in our daily diet for the intake of vital vitamins and minerals, not only can they supply us with rich nutrients but berries are also great at burning fat. Eating more berries can increase your all important antioxidants. These antioxidants can help your immune system grow stronger whilst fighting the bad diseases . Berries have a high manganese content, this nutrient helps clear and flush the bad toxins from our digestive system. Fresh berries are always the best choice for fast energy snacks. Because berries are so soft and easy to digest this makes...

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Mango health







According to the study which took place in Oklahoma Unversity they found that mango can help reduce your body fat as well as helping you control blood sugar levels better.

”It contains nutrients and other bioactive compounds that can provide various health benefits” Said Dr Edralin Lucas.

Mango’s contain a huge amount of nutrients and are great source of fibre. Mango’s...

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  After a heavy session its vital that you have a protein drink  replenish your body. After your workout its valuable consume proteins and carbs to start the regeneration process, training speeds up the digestion so drinking after exercise is necessary. All the hard work needs to be maintained, you can do this by increasing protein and carb intake this helps as a replenish fuel, activate anabolism and rehydrate. So remember to build muscle and maintain strength you need protein intake directly post workout. This will replenish all muscles worked on well and fast ! Ingredients 250 ml Yoghurt 1...

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    One of the easiest to save your money is to learn about  making your our energy drinks. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve with a little motivation. Just think, how much do you spend per day on energy drinks ? maybe  £2.00 or more a day on a normal isotonic sports drink. How much money do spend a year? if you have spent £2 per day on energy drinks the total works out to be a staggering  £728 per year on a daily isotonic energy drink. You can cut your costs by learning how to make your...

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