Beware liquid calories

Are you aware that Alcohol is one of the greatest sources of hidden calories in our diet!

Alcohol contains more than 7 calories per gram.

A glass of red wine 125ml consists of 85 calories, how many bars, pubs or clubs do you know that would serve this size. A small size wine glass stands at 175ml, and a large wine glass holds 250ml.

Meaning one large glass of red wine gives 190 calories.

The biggest problem form alcohol calories  are being useful to the bodies needs,
these calories are no usable sources of energy, and as soon as they are consumed they are transformed to fat. The nutritional content from alcohol can be scary.

The famous beer belly comes from large amounts of alcohol consumption, the energy from alcohol is predominantly stored around the abdominal region. Giving you the great look of a large tomato in your stomach.

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