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For parents and adults with busy lifestyles

Target; Weight loss & resistance growth

Training; this plan is simple, quick and easy to follow. This plan is designed for parents whom live a busy life style, working with companies and kids can be very demanding, so for this reason the sessions are short, straight to the point and beneficial.

Benefits; Improved cardio performance, weight loss, healthy life style for family, more energy for daily events, relationship & children and reduced risks from depression, osteoporosis, CHD, obesity and cancer.

Difference; Instead of giving you a plan and letting you get on with it, we follow your development, checking on your progress and helping you with nutritional & fitness coaching.

  • Every week you receive updates on your training.
  • Every month with evaluated your plan, checking for improvements, problem solving and feedback.

Why does this plan work?

We remove all the guilt, pain and avoidance from training.

No pressure, we want the same result as you, we want this to work, so it takes time, that’s why the difference in this plan is that this is a 12 month plan, 24 month plan, 36 month plan your choice. Normally training plans are aimed for short periods, 8-14 weeks, with high intensity, time consuming plans that are very inefficient for parents.

Your Development,monthly subscription; we aim to help you succeed by updating you with the right information relevant for you.

All personal plans will be made by a professional trainer!

For personal training plan, with out the equipment please subscribe monthly. This payment will give you your personal plan with no added costs, their is no contract to this subscription! start when you want for as long as you like! you will receive updates weekly and monthly for your training plan. 

Personal trainer


What am I paying for? 
  1. 1 bag
  2. 1 pedometer
  3. 1 watch
  4. 1 resistance band
  5. Nutritional planner & consultant
  6. Fitness program planner & consultant
  7. Better life & results

Bag a gym, receive all the above with the fitness plan which you desire! weight loss, toning or Advanced training. We offer you this starter pack to kick start your new fitness career.

Fitnesshealth starter kits


Please pay full amount shown, all products will be sent as soon as payment is received.

Delivery is free and will take 3-5 working days for UK customers

International additional charges apply.

If you have any questions please contact;

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