Quiche Recipe – Mixed Vegetable

  Quiche mixed vegetable  1 Courgette – sliced 1  Onions – finely sliced 1 Pepper (capsicum) - finely sliced  150g grated  cheese, 3 tbsp thick cream / cottage cheese healthier option. 5 eggs whole raw. 1/2 cup mushrooms – sliced Turn oven on 150c. Take pastry out and roll tart base, you can use a large ...READ MORE

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Perfect pastry recipe – short crust

Ingredients 500g flour 250g soft butter pinch salt 20 ml vegetable oil 50 ml water Method Mix flour, butter and salt together for 8 minutes until crumble texture achieved – you can also alternatively use a food processor. Then bind together with water – mix well until pastry is formed. Tip – you want to achieve a pastry that ...READ MORE

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Vegetable Spinach Lasagna

    Spinach has to be one of my favourite leaf vegetables for cooking. You can do anything you want with it, it’s so easy to create a wonderful dish with a load of spinach. You can add to curries, salads, pasta! Did you know that fresh spinach contains nine times the amount of vitamin ...READ MORE

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Focaccia Recipe

  This focaccia recipe is simple and easy to make all you need are the simple ingredients below ; 1 kg strong flour 20g bread improver 30g dry active yeast 20g salt 8g mixed herbs 80g olive oil 600ml water Mix the dry ingredients together without the water for 5 minutes, with hands or machine. ...READ MORE

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Diet Foods For Fitness and Health


You eat diet foods because you want to be healthy, right? But, what happens if it’s these low-
calorie low-fat foods that are actually the reason you’re not losing, or worse yet gaining, weight?

“Diet” Foods and Weight Gain

New research suggests that the very foods that are supposed to help you lose weight may actually
have the opposite effect. One study published in the Yale Journal of Biology...

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Recipe for Fish Cakes

Fish cake dill and mustard recipe


  • 300g Fish cooked 
  • 3 White Onions finely diced 
  • 2 garlic cloves Puree
  • 3 Bay leaves
  • 50ml White wine vinegar
  • 6 large Potatoes Cooked peeled 
  • 1 tbsp Capers Chopped
  • 1/4 Cup whole grain mustard
  • Fresh dill  1 handful chopped 
  1. Peel potatoes and place in boiling salted water, cook until soft
  2. Whilst potatoes are cooking, place a frying pan on heat...

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Pesto Herb Scones – recipe homemade bakery

Pesto herb scone recipe

Scone recipes are easy! You can adapt the recipe adding ingredients to deliver your own personal  scone. Simple rules when baking scones .

  • Always make a mixture that is slightly wet.
  • Never over mix the dough, mix until it just binds.
  • Always preheat your oven.
  • Check they’re cooked before removing from oven. If not reduce the heat and cook for longer.
Recipe below makes...

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Rye bread healthy

This is one of the best breads you can eat today.







Rye grains are known have a low GI rating. Meaning that eating a rye bread sandwich during your busy day can have great effects on your energy levels. This works by releasing glucose slowly into your blood stream .

Rye bread is much darker than other flours. When baking with rye often you will have a dark brown bread, adding seeds is a...

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Quiche recipe home cooking


Quiche recipe home cooking.

I love making quiche! quiche has to be one of the easiest foods to make and bake. You can make thousands of different fillings to make your own personal recipe. Make sure the vegetables are part cooked.

Recipe for pastry.


  • 480g Flour
  • 250g butter
  • 30 ml water


  1. Place flour and butter into food processor and blend together 2 minutes
  2. Keep adding water a little at a...

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Cheese scone recipe health bakery









This is a truly delicious scone recipe with no fancy extra costs. I use this recipe at home it’s so simple. You can make a large 8 small or 6 large scones by following this recipe.

Make this recipe healthier we used a low fat cheese and cottage cheese. You can add more ingredients to this recipe to make sundried tomato , pesto or basil and pine nut scones (my favourite).


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