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Elevated Plank ↠

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Muscle aim = Abdominal, shoulders & lower back

This exercise is an alternative from crunches, it focuses on static muscle isolation.

    1. Start by placing your forearms flat with your palms together with your legs straight standing on your toes.
    2. Pull your belly button towards your stomach and hold as long as possible
    3. Remember too breath whilst holding, its easy to hold your breath and stop.

Side bends ↠

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Muscle aim = Obliques

great exercise to get rid of the fatty bits from the sides of the stomach, the love handles.

  1. The palms slide along the trunk and legs.
  2. one palm reaches down to the knee and beyond, the other palm is coming up to the armpit.

Tricep Dip ↠

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Muscle aim= Triceps

Great to get rid of unwanted fat located at back of the top of the arm.

  1. Position your hands forward resting on a stable surface, making sure that you have enough room forward from the body for your legs.
  2. Aim to lower your bottom to the floor then raise back upto start posistion, making sure that i have a maximum bend at the elbow joints.
  3. To make harder straighten legs when...

Straight Arm Crunch ↠

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Muscle aim = Abdominal

This is one of the best abdominal workout to do at home to get a wash board.

1.Start by pulling your in belly button and lifting your torso.

2.Aim to bring your shoulders up to your knees to complete one reputation,

3.To make harder try and get your fingers to reach your toes.