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Interval training ↠

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Interval training is the quickest way to lose fat and get fit.

If you follow a few simple techniques when your conducting a training session,  you can double your reward and become fitter faster.

 In the warm up

when warming up get the heart at 50% max heart rate for 5 minutes, this will increase the body output ready for main exercise session.

 During the main

Interval is the key for the main...

Dynamic stretch – how to stretch ↠

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Don’t waist time static stretching, flexiablilty is developed by constant body movement, not just holding for a few seconds in one place like a statue.

Dynamic stretching is proven to develop the body, preparing for exercise and fitness sessions. Moving through a full ROM (range of movement) helps the mucles work as a group and can give athletes and exercises great benefits before and after the...

Keeping a healthy body ↠

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The psychology of fitness is often the most hardest concept for fitness. With a regular fitness training program you need to make sure that you keep updating, changing and inventing new systems, exercises and  routines in your daily fitness plan.

Doing this will help motivate yourself keeping you interested in fitness and help find new alternatives.

Try an exercise or event you have never...