The Value of Strength Training

Typically when someone talks about the importance of strength, it is commonly in the context of sport performance. Strength is always better, chiefly when two equally-matched athletes face off, since the advantage is on the side of the stronger individual. This notion is not too hard to accept as it is seen constantly in professional ...READ MORE

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TRX Training Strength Benefits

 The TRX system is a modality of suspension training that uses gravity and your body weight in a way that maximises the improvement of power, bone density, balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, and core (and joint) solidity. Furthermore, it realises this while preventing frequently-occurring injuries with standard methods. The scheme was initially fashioned by a Navy ...READ MORE

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The New Fitness Workout Trends

Does the notion of gazing at the treadmill for one more labouring kilometre make you want to flinch? From time to time, changing things up is definitely an ideal approach to consistently make progress. Fortuitously, with the fitness industry being as massive as it is, individuals are continually coming up with new and ground-breaking ways ...READ MORE

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The Best Three Outdoor Exercise Machines

    Imagine it to be a beautiful day outside, but at the same time you look at your workout schedule and notice that it is also leg day. How awful it would be to spend that glorious afternoon in a windowless gym. On the other hand, you would also hate to have to skip ...READ MORE

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Gym or Home Workouts ?


Which is better Gym or Home Workouts?

This is a very common question in the fitness world but there is not one definitive answer. The better workout environment depends completely on a personal basis.

Below is a comparison of gym and home workouts.

Personally, going to the gym is an absolute thrill and I look forward to it everyday. Working out at a local gym has this effect on many people. It...

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Fitness and Sport

Fitness and Sport


Are you looking for a fun way to get into shape that doesn’t involve endless hours walking
nowhere on a treadmill? How about engaging in a sport to unleash your inner competitor and
keep you motivated to stay in shape?

Fitness and sport have always been considered two separate things. Fitness refers to getting and
staying in good physical condition, whereas sport involves...

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What is Pilates Training

Pilates Training

Pilates Training

Whether you’re a couch potato or elite athlete, just old enough to drive or old enough to remember when licenses weren’t required, Pilates training can help you reach your health and fitness goals. This particular style of training gives you a physique that is lean and tone, and increases your strength and balance.

Six Key Principles

Pilates operates under six key principles....

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Speed Improvement Development with Plyometrics Training

Running Chute Resistance Power Training Speed Parachute

Plyometrics training

Having good established plyometrics training can play a significant role in improving sprint performance. The stage of the plyometric training programming relates to the development of speed. Despite only focusing on one example of speed development.

Exercises like high knee action and height where emphasis is speed across the ground.

  1. The upper leg should be parallel with...

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Fitness with Music


The main reasons why people should listen to music whilst exercising.

Music helps the body relax and work better with motion, mainly because of the requirement of activating large muscle groups and working in a rhythmic pattern for a long periods of time. Making it ideal for long distance sports rowing, running, swimming and cycling.

Music helps you maintain focus on our sport whilst reducing...

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How to use fitness flat bands -Tricep exercises


This is a short detailed video showing flat band tricep exercises.

Start in a standing position with your feet  shoulder width apart and your knees relaxed.

Grasp each end of band  with  each  hand keep at the side of hips.

Bend at your elbows, keep in line  with body position bring towards  chest pause momentarily at this top position.

Then slowly lower back to the starting position, repeat...

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How to run faster – Speed Increase Training

Increase your speed and explosive power training.

Get the right products and training for speed and power development on the pitch.  Power chute and resistance band training are great ways that can help you develop your speed in sprinting sports.

  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • MMA
Ideal for every sport you need explosive speed reaction movements.

Increasing your own speed has always...

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Speed increase sprint faster training


Become faster

Speed chute sprint training is ideal for increasing your own speed without a professional trainer. It develops your resistance with natural wind training element, this helps increase the activation of your fast twitch muscle fibres. These fast twitch muscle fibres are effective with training overall speed, power, balance and stamina.

Exercising with power chutes require power and...

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