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Typically when someone talks about the importance of strength, it is commonly in the context of sport performance. Strength is always better, chiefly when two equally-matched athletes face off, since the advantage is on the side of the stronger individual. This notion is not too hard to accept as it is seen constantly in professional ...READ MORE

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 The TRX system is a modality of suspension training that uses gravity and your body weight in a way that maximises the improvement of power, bone density, balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, and core (and joint) solidity. Furthermore, it realises this while preventing frequently-occurring injuries with standard methods. The scheme was initially fashioned by a Navy ...READ MORE

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Does the notion of gazing at the treadmill for one more labouring kilometre make you want to flinch? From time to time, changing things up is definitely an ideal approach to consistently make progress. Fortuitously, with the fitness industry being as massive as it is, individuals are continually coming up with new and ground-breaking ways ...READ MORE

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    Imagine it to be a beautiful day outside, but at the same time you look at your workout schedule and notice that it is also leg day. How awful it would be to spend that glorious afternoon in a windowless gym. On the other hand, you would also hate to have to skip ...READ MORE

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Which is better Gym or Home Workouts?

This is a very common question in the fitness world but there is not one definitive answer. The better workout environment depends completely on a personal basis.

Below is a comparison of gym and home workouts.

Personally, going to the gym is an absolute thrill and I look forward to it everyday. Working out at a local gym has this effect on many people. It...

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