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three super fruits


Apricots are a great source of vitamins A & C, eaten fresh or dried they are ideal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Go’s great on pizza with chicken and onion marmalade. Ideal on cheese boards or even chopped and sprinkled across muesli. Beneficial in treatment of onema.

Mineral content potassium, calcium, silicon & phosphorus.Origin; China



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The psychology of fitness is often the most hardest concept for fitness. With a regular fitness training program you need to make sure that you keep updating, changing and inventing new systems, exercises and  routines in your daily fitness plan.

Doing this will help motivate yourself keeping you interested in fitness and help find new alternatives.

Try an exercise or event you have never...

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Detox is a process that helps us clean our blood system – detoxification refers to the clensing system that removes the harmful toxins from the body.

Detox diets are generally diets that aim for natural foods, staying away from colourings,sugars and modified food.

How important is detoxification?

From day to day we hear the best way to prologue life is by replenishing our body using detox diets,...

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Fat is an essential nutrient in a balanced diet, we need fat in foods for many different reasons.

Firstly it supplies us with energy and essential nutrients, it helps by cushioning our bones from any damage and delivering our body much needed warmth.

Fat is a major structural component of our cells and our membranes needed for growth and repair of tissues.

Is fat really that bad for you ?


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