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What effects will I gain from lifting weights slowly. ↠

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back squat

Lifting weights slowly is a great way for your muscles to gain strength but is not a great way for the muscles to increasing with size. The reason for this increase in strength and not size is because of the way your muscle fibres work. In order for you to grow muscle you need to activate more muscle fibres you can achieve this for example with explosive weight lifting movement like the snatch...

What is Cardiac Muscle ? ↠

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What is Cardiac Muscle?

Cardiac Muscle is known as an Involuntary muscle, meaning the muscle in active without conscious thought.

The cardiac muscle has a lateral connection between muscle fibres, when it activates it is responsible for all the muscle fibres to react and contract together at the same time. When this reaction takes place the blood is pumped upwards with force and into the blood...

Protein packed smoothie ↠

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Bananas are a valuable source of vitamin B6, vitamin C, and potassium

potassium vitamin B6 ,vitamin C

Mango has vitamin E this reduces the risk of cancer and cardiovascular illness, also is rich in magnesium, calcium and carotene, which is very good for the skin and vision.

This smoothie is easy to make and is also great tasting.

The ingredients are easy to find and not to...