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Press Ups Incline home workout exercise ↠

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Press Ups  Incline – intermediate

Worked Muscles; Chest bottom Pecs, triceps & shoulders


1. Place hands on bench shoulder width apart, lay parallel to the bench, and place feet together toes on floor. Form a straight line with your upper body, neck and head , keep this position throughout exercise.


2. Lower your body towards the floor, maintain controlled  movement bending your elbows.



Superman lower back exercise ↠

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Superman’s – all levels

Muscles; lower back & gluts


1. Lay with your face down on the  Hold Your legs, shoulders and arms in line with one another, keep looking at the floor.
2. Breath in lift both head, arms and legs up together, hold this for 5 seconds, exhale out and relax. Repeat this.

This is an ideal exercise for people whom suffer with back problems, this exercise will help you...