Good Exercises for Knee Injury Rehabilitation

If you’ve injured your knee, certainly you aren’t going to be able to work it like you did before. Exercising while you are recovering takes great caution so that you help your knee repair itself and not aggravate the injury further. Here are three exercises that will achieve that goal: Exercise #1: Partial Squat ...READ MORE

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How to Save Money with Personal Training

If your goal is to increase your fitness and improve your cardiovascular and physical strength, hiring a personal trainer is the way to go. However, having this type of expert on hand can be costly, causing you to keep trying to reach your goals on your own if you don’t have a lot of extra ...READ MORE

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Nike Fuelband Benefits

  Nike’s most recent personal fitness creation, the Nike FuelBand, functions as a standard pedometer but uses innovative tactics such as awarding badges to lure the more sedentary individuals into a more active lifestyle. Moreover, it measures physical activity with what is called the Nike Fuel virtual metric. Essentially, this is Nike’s own system of ...READ MORE

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Muscle Protection Kinesiology Tape – To Use It or Not?

Whether you’re a sports athlete yourself or just like to work your body via some healthy exercise, you’ve likely seen if not actually used kinesiology tape. It is the white or brightly colored tape that you wrap around different areas of your body to help protect your muscles, which may leave you asking yourself if ...READ MORE

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Why Creatine is a Great Supplement


The sport complement creatine has been the ‘gold standard’ to which other alimentary supplements are compared since it enhances performance, cultivates an increase in lean body mass, and has an outstanding safety profile when ingested in suggested quantities. Creatine is one of the most extensively researched sport nutrition supplements on the market. Among a number of approaches of...

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What is P90X ?


Flipping through the channels you stumbled upon an informercial that looks like a training program for chiseled Roman gods. You quickly realize that this infomercial is for the revered P90X. Legends and tales of the fat burning muscle sculpting workout fill your head, but what on earth actually is P90X?

Straight from the P90X guys themselves they define their system as, “ The P90X workoutis an...

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How Fit Am I? Learn How to Test


How Fit Am I?

Even if you’re a “normal” weight, that doesn’t mean that you’re fit. Just the same, being “overweight” doesn’t mean that you aren’t fit. Fitness has to do with muscular and cardiovascular strength and endurance, not so much what you weigh on the scale.

You can always go to a personal trainer or medical doctor and they can do some testing to find out how you fare. Or, just try...

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How to Find A Good Gym

Fitness health’s guide to finding a good gym

Before joining a gym, you should think and take several things into consideration. You should first of all decide what kind of gym you are looking for. Don’t be in a hurry while joining a gym because there are people who don’t like certain things in a gym and they either leave the fitness program midway or they feel suffocated in the environment.


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Resistance Exercise Bands How Not To Use

Resistance Exercise Bands
What not to do 

When exercising please make sure that you don ‘t over extend the band. Never stretch more than beyond double it’s normal length.

When first exercising with the bands people often try to over stretch the exercise bands mainly because they want more tension. If you find the tension easy at first please complete a 12 repetition test. If the band has not...

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Best Way Change Lifestyle and Achieve More

People often find lifestyle changing challenging one of the  main reasons is not knowing where to start or what to start. We have put together a system for goal setting that will help you identify your needs and understand your targets.

Goal setting

Always important when setting a new goal not to forget to add the specific element into your program! for example; ‘If you want to lose weight ?’....

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How to find the right running shoe

How to find the right running shoe

One of the most important steps of running is finding the right shoe.Often it’s hard to know what good qualities you need from your shoes.

In this article we will explain shoe injuries caused by bad footwear and help you understand the importance of getting the shoe right. We have put together a quick guide that can help you in your selection.

Follow this step to guide and you’ll be running miles...

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Review – skype personal training


I’ve been doing Skype personal resistance band training with Rene for a couple of months now and it has been a great experience!

I had never used Skype before and certainly never had a personal trainer, but Rene quickly put me at my ease and took a lot of trouble to find out what was the right exercise programme for me. Even now, my programme is very flexible and he will...

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